Automatic Lubrication Systems for the Agriculture Industry

Automatic Lubrication Systems for the Agriculture Industry

BekaWorld LP, formerly known as Beka-Max of America Inc., provides the highest quality automatic lubrication systems to customers in the agriculture industry. Our systems are used in a wide variety of machines. Applications include crop harvesting, soil preparation, hauling and more.

The design, size, and specific factors of each of our lubrication systems are all custom-tailored to each application. Our systems offer a complete range of oil and/or grease applications; this includes chain and spray lubrication. They can pump oil and greases up to NLGI Class 2.

Installation can be done by a qualified BEKA-MAX dealer, or with a custom-designed kit. Either way, proper installation of your system is assured. Whatever your agricultural application, BEKA-MAX lubrication systems are the number one choice.

For more information on this industry application, or to learn more about our products and services, please contact BekaWorld.

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