FoodLine Automatic Lubrication Unit

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FoodLine Lubrication Unit
FoodLine Lubrication Unit
Inside of a FoodLine Lubrication Unit
Inside of a FoodLine Lubrication Unit
  • Different lubrication cycles can be controlled separately.
  • The according work and break times are adjusted with the electronic control.
  • The pre-lubrication switch activates an adjustable number of lubrication cycles.
  • This serves for an intensive and quick lubrication, e.g. after the conveyor has been cleaned.
FoodLine Lubrication Unit Specifications
Reservoir Quantity
10 l
Internal Gear Pump
Delivery Rate
0.5 l/min
Pressure Connection
Ø 8 mm;
Pressure Relief Valve
Opening pressure 40 bar
Pressure Switch
NO contact, 16 bar
Viscosity Range
10 - 500 mm2/s
Temperature Range
+5°C - +40°C
Protective System
IP 65
230 V, 50/60 Hz or 115 V, 50/60 Hz
Control Voltage
24 V DC
Material (Reservoir)
VA, AISI 304
28.0 kg (without lubricant)

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